Monday, June 25, 2012

People of Color - or as I knew them in the 70s: Blacks

Last night we made some new friends that are black and I am so glad! I am hispanic and my hubster is a gringo. I always have black friends because I love the culture. It's nice to not be judged - as so many gringo folks I've known - and just "chill."

Anyway, Keisha told me that she worries about her son. One, because he is black. Two, because he is male. She said that even today, black males have a wall they run up against folks in power and that they have to be twice as well-behaved, twice as smart, and twice as careful of who they come across because of this stigma. This really burned my butt because we don't need any of this crap in our American society today. But, I see what she is saying.

Take President Obama. He has endured relentless bashing from the right-wing, the press, and voters with closed minds. (Or maybe they don't REALLY pay attention?) It's unbelieveable to me how ignorant some folks can be! Does Congress shutting down and huffing and puffing over the various opinions they have over what the majority of American voters have chosen escape their attention? It's like some people - and I must say, it hasn't been a black person - stick their fingers in their ears and la-la-la-la-la their way along just focusing on the negative, negative, negative of President Obama. Who says it's negative? What would happen if people backed his efforts and gave him some praise once in a while? What a fickle, ridiculous society Americans are any more.

From day one I have witnessed Congressional members fight our President. Throw obstacles in his path while he is trying to make changes. How do people not get this? For four long years, I have witnessed a select few (rich white guys) try to change the majority of Americans' viewpoint - and as it follows, their votes - to sway to their side which is Republican. But, I am betting that the majority of American people are smarter than these few think. I think people will see the 4 year long character bashing politicals have done to try to make him appear inept. 4 years of shutting down his proposals, nitpicking his plans apart to THEIR idea of how America should be run. But, our Republican Obama-haters in congress are the ones who made me wait on getting my tax returns for months and months because of their boo-hoo, whaaa-whaaa behavior last year. Enough already!

I see that the rich, white men feel threatened by this rich, intelligent black man. It's fear that has financed all the bad press on our black president. And, I'm understanding much better what my girlfriend, Keisha, is talking about for her son. I really thought that electing a black president would banish the stigmas that a select few have perpetuated for generations against the black males of our society. But, it hasn't.

And all I can ask of my girlfriend is for continued patience of the idiots in our society, and to keep in mind that those of us who are gentle-hearted and supportive of other races than whites - we may not be a loud-mouthed as them, but we ARE here. And we WILL continue to vote. I believe there must be a long ago president who faced equally, the same backlash and stubborn ignorant refusal from a society to treat all people equal - whose ghost is constantly at President Obama's side lending him more support. President Obama, I believe you are daily blessed with the spirit of understanding and wisdom from President Abraham Lincoln.

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