Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dealing With A New York Irishman

Ladies out there who are married - or living with an Irishman from New York. Firstly let me say, "I feel you." If any of you can relate to this, let me in on your survival tactics please 'cause it's one of those far-between days that I am at the end of my rope!

So, my hubster has run up our credit card bills so high that now we are "facing the music" to the 4 different bills due now every month. I NEVER let my credit card get to it's max - ever. If there was an emergency - that is what credit cards are for in my mind. But, it seems not to matter what I say. He just does whatever he thinks is "necessary" despite what I say. He does this thing of juggling the bills to within a day or a week within stuff getting shut off. I don't know how our finances have got to where HE is the only one handling the money --- actually, I believe it has been a couple various situations over the past 3 years --- but, he actually seems to ENJOY doing this juggling at the deadline kind of stuff. But, then - like most times it happens - the bills are stacked too far and his juggling little game gets thrown off into the black suction hold of debt and creditors with their devil faces holding their hands out wanting their money yesterday. I HATE THE WHOLE U.S.A. CREDIT GAME!! We should go back to Medieval Times and use TRADE as the only form of "credit." Every one of you out there who has a credit account of some sort knows how it gets when you charge something and then get your bill. It's your charged amount PLUS whatever percentage they feel like adding to the amount of your purchase.

Like with me right now: I am in the middle of paying back 3 different school loans. I have had surgery and did not work this past year, so I asked for a deferment on the loan. Of course they granted it because while my payments are suspended for a year, they are charging me PAYMENT PLUS INTEREST PLUS CAPITOL ON THAT UNPAID INTEREST. This is some bullsh*t if you know what I mean. How is anyone supposed to be debt-free when the government allows crap like this to go on???

Back to the Irishman: (see how my head won't stop it?) So, I get up this morning and tell my NY Irishman," We have a storage bill of $109.00 EVERY month. That's alot of money that we could use while paying down [your] credit debt. I will park my Mini in the driveway until I can go through the stuff and organize it, store it or junk it or garage sale it, and then put my Mini back. Right away - he's gonna change what I just said, "Well, we don't have the space for the storage stuff so we should just grab a truckload of part of the stuff and then get a space that only costs like, $60.00 per month. That would save us forty dollars. Then he goes into this little rant of how big the storage space is and how we can still save money and the house is too small and you (me) can't go through that much stuff in recovering from surgery right now...yada...yada...yada.

I'm pissed. We need to pay the bills down - is what my head is screaming inside my ears and won't shut up! And he is justifying NOT saving one hundred dollars per month!! I'm sorry folks...I just don't get it. Is it a PRIDE thing? Is it a THREATENING of his manhood thing? Is it a GUILT thing? An OFFENSIVE thing: how dare my woman tell ME how to work money!

The one thing that I have in my favor is that I am Latina and folks shouldn't abuse my logic when the logic is totally logical, okay? I don't even let the man finish - I am like, "NO! I want you to just say, "okay." Why you gotta always CHANGE my idea? What, if it isn't YOUR idea it sucks? Well, um...no. We are going to get a truckload from the storage. I am going to park my Mini outside in the sun until stuff is organized in the garage. We are going to save a hundred and nine dollars a month and YOU are gonna stop CHARGING things!!

Ladies with NY Irishman - and I know of at least one - my sister-in-law who is married to my hubster's brother --- we need to keep each others' backs --- so, we don't lose our minds.

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